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I want to take this opportunity to introduce a new kind of internet portal for Christians. Different from many existing Christian websites it has dynamic features and rich multimedia content. It  aggregates the up-to-date Christian news, top videos and video teachings, top Christian music from all the major Christian media in one place. It also provides several devotionals and a promise for each day. A powerful search for content on all Christian websites. In nutshell, it provides one-stop surfing experience for Christians like a Christian Yahoo!  While on the site you also have the possibility to vote, recommend, comment your favorite feeds.


Moreover, this ministry provides an opportunity for you to be part of an incredible evangelism project where almost 1,500 people accept Christ on a daily basis ie one person every  minute. This is through evangelism sites in seven major languages including Arabic and Chinese.  Please click on Joy in Heaven section on the Home page or goto If this excites you we encourage you to be part of this harvest by clicking on the link to pray for these commitments on the same page.

If you have non-Christian friends  that you are  contemplating to  send a link to  the evangelism  site in  English, the website is  The  other language sites are listed on the same site, if you prefer  that.

I request three minutes of your precious time to look at the website. We are conducting a survey, and your response would be deeply appreciated.

Many thanks for your participation and taking time to read this introduction. I appreciate having you as a partner in this ministry.

Eric Célérier and the GodRev team