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Frequently Asked Questions
1) On Joy in Heaven, what is considered to be a decision for Jesus?

When someone finishes going through the pages explaining God's love and desires for them, they are presented with a written prayer. This prayer expresses a desire to change their life from one in rebellion against God, to one living with God. When a visitor decides to pray this prayer of repentance, they have the option of clicking on a button labeled "Yes, I have just prayed this prayer." At this point, they are listed as having made a decision for Jesus. What matters most is the attitude of a person's heart. If someone does not honestly desire to repent and enter into a relationship with Jesus, the prayer shown is mere words and will not change his or her life. Likewise, it is possible that people make a decision to follow Jesus without clicking the link. Either way, God is the only One who knows the heart of each man and woman. The numbers of decisions shown are the most accurate that we can provide with this limitation.

2) What exactly does the Google Earth map display?

The Google Earth utility is connected to a database which contains the IP addresses of people who have clicked the button, "I have just made a prayer to accept Christ" on one of the Knowing God websites. Currently, there are ten Knowing God websites, in the following languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian and Persian . Every time someone indicates that they have made a decision for Christ, by clicking on the prayer button of one of the sites, the Google Earth map will turn to the region of the globe where the person is located. On average, a new decision is made somewhere in the world every minute!

3) Isn't it dangerous to post the locations of people who made decisions online?

No. We do not reveal any more information about site visitors than is already available online. We do not communicate people's names, addresses, or IP addresses to Google Earth, but just their geographical location. Additionally, the map does not reveal an exact location, but points to the center of the town or city where the decision occurred.

4) How do you calculate the world population, births today, and deaths today?

The website is programmed to display estimates of these statistics based on population data published by the United Nations Population Division. The numbers of Christians and non-Christians who die each day are estimated from known the worldwide death rate and an estimate that 20% of the world's population is Christian.