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Vision and mission
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GodRev’s vision is to use the latest technology to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ worldwide, in partnership with Christian organizations and churches. Our desire is to expand our ministry to the thirty-five most-used languages on the Internet in the next ten years, exposing 250 million people to the Gospel, and helping 25 million people come to Jesus as a result of this effort.

We also want to become the top Christian content provider, in each of these languages, by using cutting edge information and communication technology. By attracting and retaining visitors, we can expose them to the best message available to mankind on or off the Internet – Jesus Christ.

GodRev is not just evangelism on the Internet; we also reach non-Christians through interactive media, local engagement, and personal evangelism. Our past efforts have included interactive media distribution, such as DVDs, CD cards, and flash animations. Each of these has been a useful tool, for personal evangelism and church outreach projects, in furthering the reach of the Gospel through the use of technology.

"Helping 25 million people come to Jesus Christ and connecting them with local churches and groups of Christian believers"

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What is Knowing God?

“Knowing God” is an innovative web site concept that clearly presents the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those seeking to know more about Him. Presently, it is online in 13 languages, and has had a high rate of people make a decision to follow Jesus, and request follow-up from a church or other discipler. In the next six years, we hope to complete the work by launching partner sites in 35 of the most-prominent languages on the Internet. When this is achieved, the sites could potentially reach 99% of the worldwide Internet community! Thus far, more than 10 million individual visitors have visited one of the sites, 1 million have indicated that following their visit they prayed to accept Christ, and 230,000 requested subsequent Christian follow-up contact.

Our future vision includes:

♦ Developing the web site in another 25 languages in the next 6 years
♦ Exposing 250 million site visitors to the Gospel by the year 2020
♦ Helping 25 million people make decisions for Christ by the year 2020
♦ Facilitating the discipleship of 5 million new Christians by the year 2020

"By developing the website Knowing God
in the 35 most-used Internet
we can potentially reach 99% of all Internet users!"

The process to launch the site in each language takes 2-3 months, and involves:

1) Obtain the necessary finances.
2) Identify a partner organization to coordinate the site development and follow-up network.
3) Translate the site and make it culturally relevant.
4) Build a team of follow-up counselors through the coordinating organization.
5) Launch and advertise the site.

If you can help in any of the work required to launch the site in a new language, please do not hesitate to contact us or donate to the ministry.