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Jesus said that there will be " in heaven over one sinner who repents..."
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The real time map above lets you watch as individuals pray to receive Jesus as Lord of their lives. Approximately every minute, someone will make a decision for Christ through one of our sites.

Also try the 3 D Version (First install Google Earth on your computer) and then click here. You will see it's amazing!

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Today, pray for: Arabic Evangelism Website
Much of the Arabic-speaking world is entrenched in Islam, and many people face intense persecution if they choose to follow Jesus Christ. We have an Arabic language evangelism website and follow-up network, through which many Arabic-speaking people have accepted Christ. Please pray for the continued success of this website. Pray that many more Arabic speakers will seek after the true God, and will enter into relationship with Him. Pray that no one faces additional persecution as a result of visiting our website or following Christ.
Pray for the 4,417 people who made the prayer yesterday.

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Christians are praying for these new believers. Who is praying?
John LaRue
21 months ago
Vicki Mike Bridges
22 months ago
Robert Ream
22 months ago
Athanase NDJADI
22 months ago
John E Bush
22 months ago
Ama Blessing
22 months ago
Gareth Gibson
22 months ago
Madelyn Julian
22 months ago
Evandro Patricia Salvi
22 months ago
Wes Griffin
22 months ago
Monika Denver Palczewska
22 months ago
Daniel Bártholo
22 months ago
Damien Alimeck
22 months ago
Krystal Ward
22 months ago
Vaweka Patrick Papara
22 months ago
Marie Bortolin de Cux
22 months ago
Gawie Burger
23 months ago

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Why praying?

We want to challenge many Christians to pray 5 minutes every day for all of the new believers from the Knowing God websites. Help us to spread the word!

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